Hi, I'm Kara from Zoef Design. I'm an illustrator/concept artist and E-learning developer.
My passions include digital art, photography and costume design.

In my free time I enjoy creating silly creatures and whimsical monsters. When I’m not behind my desk drawing or painting, you can find me in the wild taking pictures of plants, bugs and nature. Or you can find me behind a sewing machine (re)creating historic clothing or fantasy costumes.

I graduated with a masters degree in game and digital design and got my visual art teachers degree right after. A year later I got an additional degree in webdesign. I worked as a substituted art teacher at various art academies and worked as a webdesigner/graphic designer for a year. I'm currently working as a full time E-learning developer / illustrator - animator at ZOL hospital. I’m in charge of the planning, creation and visual side of the E-learnings. I also take care of a bunch of the graphic design questions for the ZOL Talent Center. This includes Illustrations, instruction video’s, graphic design for recruitment campaigns or symposia’s.

Contact me

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at kara (at) zoef-design.be