What is redbubble? How does it work?

Redbubble is a print on demand site, where artists can upload their art. Redbubble takes care of the manufacturing, shipping, returns, payments,… Artists get a small percentage of the price of the items sold on redbubble. This does mean I don’t see every item before it ships. But I do try to order items regularly for a bit of quality controle.

Where does my order come from? Where is my order printed?

Items are printed in different places, depending on the closest printing country. Redbubble used to have a very clear list about this. But sadly they removed this page. I do have a list that I copied a while back. Keep in mind that this can change.

Something is wrong with my order

Please contact redbubble to fix this problem. I have no controle over the printing/sizing/shipping. Redbubble usually answers pretty fast. If you ordered the wrong size or something is wrong with the items you usually get credits to buy something else or a different size.

Do I have to pay a customs fee?

In some cases yes. If the item is not printed in europe (and you order from europe) you will have to pay customs. My tip is to make separate orders per type of item. You pay shipping per item and not per order. This way if you have to pay customs, you only pay for the part that did not come from europe. Redbubble does refund the customs fee. You have to pay the fee and send them proof you payed it. I’ve tried and tested this!

Zoef’s tips on redbubble

Buy stickers in packs of 10. This discounts the stickers by 50% and makes them more interesting.
For more accurate customs fees (in case you get those) order per type of item and not as one big order. If you are 100% sure the item is printed in europe, feel free to combine the items.
When buying items printed on fabric, don’t pick the super smallest size. The designs become blurry for some reason. For example the smallest zipper pouches look really blurry.
I do order items regularly as quality controle, but sadly I don’t have the budget or space to check every type of item.
Redbubble often does discounts, I will always try and share these on my instagram.
When ordering T-shirts, go for the white shirts for the best printing colors. If a design has very few colors, darker shirts will work. But for the bright and more complex designs, a white base will work best. I can’t select which colors or sizes are available or not. It’s all or nothing.


What is Ko-fi?

Ko-fi is an online tip jar. This way you can support artists you like and help them out. Ko-fi also has a shop option. A bunch of my items can be found on there.


What is the difference between the stickers/ prints on this page or the redbubble items?

The stickers I sell personally get checked by me personally. I have a lot more controle over the quality on these ones. And most of the time these will have special materials or effects. For example they could be holographic or glittery! Prints and cards ordered directly through me get this same treatment. I check every print personally.
Sadly this does mean I need to buy stock of these items. So I can only do some items. I hope to add more items in the future. Redbubble helps me put items up for sale without creating a stock.

How do I order?

I don’t have a real webstore at the moment. So for now orders happened by mail or private message. I try to add items on my Ko-Fi shop too.

I live in …

For the time being I can only ship to countries within europe. Depending on the items/size/weight/country I need to calculate the shipping fee.


How do commissions work? Do you take commissions?

At the moment I only take on commissions from people I know personally. Prices depend on the complexity of the project and the style.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at zoef.design (at) gmail.com